Hair in a Bucket 2kg

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Hair in a Bucket 2kg


Hair In A Bucket
For hair and hoof, with Organic Zinc for building keratin & Collagen. Organic Manganese for rich coat colour.   How “Hair In A Bucket’s” mineral composition facilitates rapid hair metabolism:
Biotin is a B group vitamin and is water soluble, meaning it will NOT build up in the system. Although found naturally in some foods such as oats, rice bran and soybean meal, biotin can be deficient in a horses diet due to other foods that are eaten (rancid oils).
Biotin has long been associated with equine hoof care and hair growth. A horse fed Biotin can expect a shinier healthier coat with improved overall skin condition. Growth rates do vary however and results are usually witnessed notably over months of supplement feeding rather than weeks. Biotin is best fed in conjunction with Manganese.
Organic Manganese deficiencies of this important mineral may result in impaired hair growth, poor wound healing and other skin issues as well as loss of hair colour. Without Manganese biotin cannot be used efficiently.

Organic Zinc is involved in the building of keratin. A horse needs zinc for the formation of collagen which helps anchor the hair in the skin. Zinc also facilitates the necessary cell division which makes the growth of hair possible. Hair loss may be the first sign of zinc deficiency.
Selenium (Organic)
The antioxidants of selenium help the body absorb Vitamin E. Selenium also aids the body in processing and using proteins that are consumed. Hair is primarily composed of proteins so when the body is able to better process the proteins, hair growth will follow. Deficiencies in selenium (and zinc) often lead to hair loss. Organic Selenium has been found to have higher digestibility than inorganic selenium.
Methionine is an essential amino acid that helps against premature hair loss. It also improves hair texture, quality and growth. Methionine is a powerful anti oxidant and a good source of sulphur, a necessary nutrient that helps prevent hair disorders. Methionine increases blood flow to the skin surface thereby increasing nutrient supply to hair follicles and aiding hair production.
Successful hair growth is achieved easily in a healthy horse fed the necessary building blocks for rapid hair metabolism.  Hair growth is further supported by being kept clean, maintaining natural oils and being richly conditioned to protect the hair from breakage. Plaiting may damage hair. Avaliable in larger sizes.  Please call us or email for price and post quote.


"I started my Friesian stallion, Yasper van Gelder, on Hair In A Bucket two years ago, and would never be without it now. His mane and tail as a 7yo are incredibly thick and strong, and the amount of feather he grows now is just amazing. He even grew a fantastic long curly moustache last season!

Yasper has good hair genes, which he passes on to his progeny, but growing thick hair and keeping it are two different things. We have a very low breakage rate these days. I am amazed at how little hair is loose when I wash and redo his monthly braids. The best genes are only good if the hair you get is strong and vibrant and healthy. So Hair In A Bucket is essential to growing the longest, thickest, healthiest hair that your horse is capable of." Crystal

 We imported Gypsy Cobs from Europe and they arrived with magnificent manes, tails and feather, but the harsh environment in Queensland Australia soon made most of the hair disappear. In our quest to regrow the lost hair we discovered the right combo of minerals could metabolise rapid hair growth from within.  Hair In A Bucket is truly the best mineral blend to meet the needs of fast hair growth.  To further protect the new hair from the same harsh environmental factors that caused the loss we used the QI Gold Serum by Wattlelane Stables.  In no time at all we had manes, tails and feather again! Look at the picture of Bob's Blossom winning Supreme Champion. 








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