Ranvet Electrolyte Replacer 2kg

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Product Overview



  • Supplies a concentrated source of all critical electrolytes.
  • Maintains optimal body fluid balance.
  • Ideal for intense work, traveling, endurance or basic daily supplementation.
  • May be used in conjunction with oral electrolyte pastes or liquids.


  • Reduces dehydration, muscle fatigue, cramping, poor performance and delayed recovery following exercise.
  • Facilitates optimum performance in all extreme environmental conditions.
  • Ideally used in conjunction with Ranvet Electro Paste during intense training or long distance travelling.
  • Highly palatable powder.
  • Easily mixed into the ration.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS per Kg: SODIUM as chloride, bicarbonate & sulphate 218.3g, POTASSIUM as chloride174g, CALCIUM as carbonate 35.6g, MAGNESIUM as carbonate 3.2g, CHLORIDE as sodium & potassium 473.8g, CARBONATE as calcium & magnesium 61.2g, BICARBONATE as sodium 21.8g, SULPHATE as sodium 11.5g


18kg available - please contact the shop for more information 


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