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We are proud to carry a large range of saddles for horses and ponies, we will have something to suit all riders and horses no matter your discipline. 

Wherever you are in the world, our online store brings this vast product choice to you, saving you time. We have a lot more things than we can fit on our website, so if you have any queries about brands or products, please contact us. We ship Australian wide 5 days a week and also ship Internationally on request,

We also provide specialised services such as saddle fitting and repairs and have a full range of leather care for your saddle.

Some of our brands include

Click here--> Wintec


Wintec Saddles have always made riding simple and enjoyable. It's simple to see why Wintec Saddles are the world's number one synthetic saddle brand, combining world-leading innovations and hi-tech materials in lightweight, weatherproof, and easy-care saddles. The Wintec Saddle collection features cutting-edge designs as well as new standards in fit, comfort, and performance for both horse and rider. 
Wintec has always made riding simple and enjoyable.  Wintec is the world's number one when you combine world-leading technologies and high-tech materials with lightweight, weatherproof, and easy-care saddles.
- While the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution provides unrivalled versatility in achieving the perfect fit.


Click here -->Bates


Bates saddles are designed to help you and your horse perform at their best. Cair panels are featured on Bates saddles, which are composed of high-quality leather. The Cair panels, girthing options, and variable gullet plates all contribute to a wide range of flexibility in these saddles.
Bates Saddles are the best choice when it comes to saddle fit and comfort for your horse. Bates research and development team has a long history of success when it comes to saddle fit and your horse's comfort. Bates Saddles research and development team have pioneered modern technology with superior performance and quality.

Click here -->Arena



Choose an Arena Saddle for everyday comfort. You'll turn heads in any arena while being confident that your saddle is comfortable for both you and your horse, thanks to its elegant design and great attention to detail. Whether you're exercising in the arena or simply riding the local trails, you'll feel supported by great close touch and comfort. 

Arena Saddles offer an economical brand within the umbrella of Bates saddles. Technology, quality and support from a riders perspective whilst protecting your wallet at the same time! Arena Saddles have the advantage of the HART SYSTEM which incorporates three saddle fitting techniques. The easy change gullet system the shimming system and Cair panels.

You'll feel right at home in any Arena saddle, which was thoughtfully designed with your and your horse's comfort in mind.

Beautifully styled with meticulous attention to detail and Classically crafted from European leather, the discerning rider will appreciate the elegance and quality of Arena Saddles.

Whether you are competing in dressage, tackling a difficult course of jumps or riding on the trail, there is a perfect Arena saddle for you.


Click here -->Syd Hill


 Syd Hill & Sons is best known for its iconic stock saddles. 148 years later, the conventional stock saddles are still an important element of the Syd Hill & Sons collection, despite the fact that the production technique and designs have altered. We've developed three saddle collections using fresh, innovative design and manufacturing techniques to meet the ever-changing needs of our riders while preserving the same old Syd Hill quality.

 Swinging fender saddles combine the traditional attributes of ordinary flap saddles with a unique twist. The swinging fender, like the plain flap stock saddle, has a flocked panel that gives optimal comfort for your horse. The difference is that this saddle has a skirt and swinging fender that allows the rider to have more touch and movement.
The Halfbreed saddle is the most popular of Syd Hill & Sons' saddles. The popularity of this saddle is due to its one-of-a-kind fit. This saddle is designed to fit both the horse and the rider perfectly, with the underside looking like a western saddle and the seat looking like a stock saddle.



Click here -->Passier


All Passier Saddle products are manufactured by hand with high-quality materials and are subjected to extensive quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Passier saddles, bridles, and accessories are made in this manner to meet the highest Passier quality standards.

 Passier saddles fit such a wide range of horses as The Passier saddle tree's movable gullet plate allows a single saddle to be modified for many different horses. This demonstrates why a Passier saddle may last a rider a lifetime! Here at Aussie Saddlery we have a gullet changing cold press machine for this gullet changing process.
Professional equestrians love the exclusive, very horse-friendly Passier Dressage Saddle because it gives them a fantastic riding sensation. developed to provide the ideal riding position, and is now available with a tighter twist for even closer contact with the horse. The freedom panel guarantees that the saddle fits perfectly on the horse's back.


 Click here -->Kieffer



 Premium leather, expert craftsmanship, and long-term durability

Kieffer Saddles are premium leather product manufacturers,  committed to not only producing according to the most advanced ecological principles and methods, but also to ensuring that Kieffer quality products meet these exact quality requirements. Only high-grade European hides are used to ensure that Kieffer quality products meet exact quality requirements for  performance benefits.
Kieffer saddle trees have a soft, permanently elastic seat covering and are composed of high-quality, glass fibre reinforced synthetic material. Even after years of usage, the recessed stirrup bars ensure a safe opening in an emergency.
All of the  Kieffer saddle trees can be adjusted. The breadth of a Kieffer saddle tree can be modified depending on the model. Here at Aussie Saddlery we have a gullet changing cold press machine for this gullet changing process.



Click here -->Eurosport



Designed in Australia to provide exceptional comfort and performance for both horse and rider in pony club, leisure riding, and all forms of competition. Euro Sport synthetic saddles are exceptionally easy to care for, as they are both sturdy and lightweight. They can be washed and hosed or just wiped clean. All Euro Sport versions come with a replaceable gullet plate system and conventional flock-filled panels for a better fit and more comfort for you and your horse.  Gullet plates of different widths are sold individually.  The removable and adjustable knee block mechanism allows you to customise and maintain rider comfort.


 Click here -->Northern River Drafter



 The Northern River Drafter is one of the most popular economical Aussie stock saddles in Australia. Brown leather with contrasting black leather seat, with subtle style and an incredible seat that will appropriately position the rider. Traditional outback Australian style saddles made of premium grade drum dyed leather with chrome plated fittings


Click here -->Ambassador



Click here -->Cavalier


 Hand-selected drum coloured harness leather is used to make Cavalier Dressage Saddles and All Purpose Saddles.

They have synthetic flock filled panels and are built on a synthetic plastic injection moulded tree with stainless steel trigger stirrup bars.

Features include Long leather girth points securely crossed over the saddle tree and comfortable Anti-Slip PU foam filled seat.
The Cavalier has an adjustable gullet system that provides a comprehensive fitting solution by allowing you to rapidly adjust the width of the saddle to suit your horse's changing shape.


Saddles Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you ship Saddles to New Zealand?

Yes, we do ship to New Zealand on a weekly basis. The shipping time ranges from 7 to 14 days.

  • Do you have any used or second hand saddles for sale that are in good condition?

Yes,  we do sell demonstration or used saddles at a discount on a regular basis. If you're looking for a used or second hand saddle, send us an email or give us a call in store.

  • Do you have any of the Syd Hill Suprema Saddles in stock?

No, Syd Hill & Sons is no longer producing this model.

  • Do you sell Gullets Sets and Gullet plates for Syd Hill , Tekna, Bates, Arena, Wintec and Eurosport Saddles

Yes we have all gullet sets in store and ready to ship.

  • Can you change Kieffer and Passier saddle gullets widths.

Kieffer and Passier Saddles have a cold press system of gullet changing. We have the specialist saddle fitting machine in our store to enable these saddles to be changed.

  • Do you ship saddles Internationally

Yes we sell all around the world and have happy customers in Japan, the USA , the UK , Vanuatu and New Zealand.

  • Do you have any good-condition used or second-hand Syd Hill saddles for sale?

Send us an email if you're looking for a used or second hand Syd Hill saddle as we occasionally trade them in.

  • What Dressage Saddles do you recommend for Australia

Dressage Saddles are Available in a range of models and materials including deep seat, knee rolls, synthetic, brown dressage saddle or black leather dressage saddles. Seat Sizes range from child dressage saddles starting at 14 and 15 inches to small adult sizes starting at 16 inch, 16.5 inch and adult sizes rom  17inch, 17.5 inch and 18 inch. Gullet sizes are often  changeable and are available in narrow, medium gullet, wide gullet, and the new XW and XXW changeable gullets. Too many saddles to recommend just one but we will happily help you decide which one would suit you best.

  • Do you carry All Purpose Saddles

Yes also known as general purpose saddles we offer All Purpose Saddles & Jumping Saddles in a range of models, sizes and materials. Available in black, brown, leather & Synthetic. Choose between deep seat, flat seat or close contact mono flap. Brands available such as Euro Sport, Ascot, Harry Dabbs, Tekna, Letek, Jaguar, Bentley and Passier, Bates Wintec and Arena. 

  Aussie Saddlery 

The store has everything you need to go from the paddock to the competition arena or the local trails or for team penning camp drafting in terms of saddlery and mounts. We're always on the lookout for new products, as well as stocking a large inventory of over 200 Saddles.  

We will gladly source a saddle for you if we don't have it or if you have discovered a new product that you adore. Call us at 0243538205 or email us at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The store is stocked with Australian Saddle brands and well-known international brands.

Wherever you are in the world, our online store brings this vast product choice to you, saving you time. We have a lot more things than we can fit on our website, so if you have any queries about brands or products, please contact us.

We also provide specialised services such as saddle fitting and repairs and have a full range of leather care for your saddle.

We provide old-fashioned service by having a fitting yard right in the shop where you can bring your horse and we can try hundreds of different combinations.

Alternatively, we may come to you and fit your new saddle and gear. In our store, we have three licenced saddle fitters.