Wildhorse 3 Dart Fly Veil

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Product Overview

Wildhorse Fly Veil with Insect Repellent- NEW 3 Dart

Introducing our NEW Patented Triple Dart design Fly Veil for cool clear vision.

  • New triple darts designed to prevent collapse on eyes.

  • The veils utilise a new nylon mesh with 70% better visibility offers perfect clear vision protection around the eye area.

  • Keeps eye area clear as recommended by Vets.

  • Black colour to prevent damage to eye sight.

  • Fleece edging to prevent rubbing.

  • Elastic under chin to allow for movement & comfort.

  • Triple lock Velcro fastening for added security.


This is truly the greatest design.

To get the perfect shape Fly Veil for your horse.

  • After removing your Fly Veil from packaging, it may have creases caused by fold lines. This is easily resolved.

  • Boil your water jug at home.

  • When water is boiling, place effected area over direct steam for 3 - 5 seconds.

  • Remove from steam and push Fly Veil into the ideal shape to fit your horse.

  • Repeat if needed.

  • Do not hold Fly Veil over steam for longer than 10 seconds as it is not needed.

  • Beware Fly Veil will be hot after being over steam.

  • Do not put fingers or any body part over direct steam as it is extremely hot and will burn.


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