Loose Ring Snaffle Bit Stainless Steel

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Loose Ring Snaffle

The loose ring snaffle is a good general, all purpose bit. It is small and light and simple in its action. Stainless steel material is used to form a well rounded , smoothe edge perfect for a simple, kind bit.

This is a relatively kind bit and well suited as an all arounder, this is a popular general riding bit.


Sizes available:

  • 4" = 10cm
  • 4 1/2" = 11.5cm
  • 5" = 12.5 cm
  • 5 1/2" = 14cm


About  Snaffle Bits

These are the simplest and most common type of bit available, and a great place to start for all horses. It is generally s good approach to start with simple bits like this and move to something more complex if you need to.

The basic structure of the snaffle bit will cause relatively little or no pain in the horse’s mouth, making it a good mix for those concerned about resistance.

Snaffle bits are soft acting and a good allround solution for most horses.

They come in a range of widths and should be sized so that they are just fractionally wider than your horses mouth.

They should sit high in the mouth so that the horses lips show a very slight "smile" from the bit sitting up against the corners of thier mouth.



 About loose ring snaffles (from wikipedia)

What it is: The mouthpiece has one joint in its center. It "breaks" upward toward the top of the mouth with direct pressure, and outward toward the front of the mouth when used with leverage pressure from a bit shank.

Action: The single-jointed mouthpiece applies pressure to the tongue, lips, and bars. Due to the V-shape of the bit when the mouthpiece is contracted, it causes a "nutcracker" action, which has a pinching effect on the bars. It also causes the joint of the bit to push into the sensitive roof of the mouth if used harshly. A single-jointed bit with a curved mouthpiece has a more "U" shape tends to decrease the pressure on the roof of the mouth.



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