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Euro Sport 2000 Dressage Saddle 17" EX DEMO 2ND'S FREE SHIPPING

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Euro Sport 2000 Dressage Saddle 17" EX DEMO CLEARANCE FREE SHIPPING

Grab a bargain on this ex demo. This saddle has never been ridden in, just tried on a horse. It has a button missing on the off side as per the photo. This does not affect it's use in anyway, just cosmetic. This could be easily fixed cheaply. 

By purchasing this saddle you understand that this comes with the above cosmetic flaw and accept the condition. 

Go to the next level with improved materials, fittings and design. Improved design features include full length synthetic suede padded knee insert and heavy duty panels.

Deep seat style for optimum rider position. 

Eurosport saddles are great quality, fantastically comfortable and really well made synthetics saddles. They are perfect for pony club, sporting, trail riding or general fun riding where you want a simple and light saddle, that is easy to ride in and great value.

Euro Sport saddle in the dressage also feature a changeable gullet plate system and traditional flock-filled panels ensuring a proper fit and more comfort for you and your horse. Alternate width gullet plates are available separately. Personalize and maintain rider comfort with the removable and adjustable knee block system. The ability to change the position of the knee blocks is a feature of all Euro Sport saddles.

 The Euro sport Professional dressage is a traditional dressage cut saddle that sits you straight and centred for maximum control and sensitivity. They are light and well balanced so they fit well on the horse and sit comfortably underneath the rider's seat.

 Designed in Australia to provide exceptional comfort and performance for both horse and rider in pony club, leisure riding, and all forms of competition. Euro Sport synthetic saddles are exceptionally easy to care for, as they are both sturdy and lightweight. They can be washed and hosed or just wiped clean. All Euro Sport versions come with a replaceable gullet plate system and conventional flock-filled panels for a better fit and more comfort for you and your horse.  Gullet plates of different widths are sold individually.  The removable and adjustable knee block mechanism allows you to customise and maintain rider comfort.


Easy to fit to your horse

The Eurosport saddles feature a fully interchangeable gullet plate for a perfect fit to your horse. They are simple to change, the front of the saddle velcro’s open and 4 screws hold the steel gullet plate in. The plates are available in a range of width settings to suit all sort of horse shapes and sizes.


Light and strong

These saddles are very light compared to a traditional leather saddle, they are easy on your horse, easy to carry around and easy to throw up onto the horse's back. Yet they are super strong with a modern tree and a steel gullet system, they are both light and strong making life better for you and your horse

 Black only

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