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Eureka Lined Canvas Rug

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Eureka Canvas Rug

Sometimes you can't go past good old fashioned canvas rugs. They are simple, they are tough, they work and they last.

Eureka canvas rugs are some of the best canvas rugs you will find, and better still they are a great price.

Now with deeper shoulder gussets and leather 3 way chest fittings !


Quality "Polyester rib" 24oz Ripstop Canvas Rug with rope reinforced neck, removeable leg straps, shoulder gussets to help prevent rug rub, fully lined, tail flap, rump darts and a single surcingle.

All at a bargain price and with a great range of sizes from 4’3” thru to 6’9” available *


About Eureka rugs and combos

Eureka are one of the most estblished and longest running rug makers and suppliers in Australia.

Long before internet sales and web sites Eureka (from National Equestrian) were a top selling rug brand and a leader in quality rugs and combos.

Eureka are not some new come lately rug maker, they have the years of experience to refine the design so that they fit well, weork well, wear well and are great quality gear. It takes years of refining to get a design right, it is the little things that make a rug sit right and fit well.


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