Bates Pony Show Saddle

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Product Overview

Bates Pony Show Saddle


• Classically designed, elegant double-lined pony show saddle with covered buttons and a low-profile to showcase your pony.

• Balanced seat with a narrow waist for improved communication.

• Features luxurious double-lined leather renowned for its ultra-soft and grippy characteristics.

• Maximises comfort and performance of your pony.

• Features include Ergonomic Stirrup Bar, Short triple girthing and Flexibloc systems.

Available with a standard or long flap length. 

Adjustable Flexibloc

System A revolutionary system that enables you to customise the support offered for your individual riding position. Offers great flexibility for altering the support offered by the saddle, dependent on usage

…CAIR Cushion System


The revolutionary CAIR Cushion System replaces the traditional fillings in your saddle panel with air. There are two independently sealed air Cushions within each saddle panel. The concept of air, as the ultimate in cushioning for your horse, is simple. Air being a fluid medium will constantly adapt to the horse’s working muscles. This means that your weight will be distributed evenly across the entire length of the cushion, virtually eliminating pressure points.

This extraordinary comfort results in freer movement, better carriage, and a happier horse.

For such a simple concept the dramatic difference the CAIR Cushion System makes to your horse’s comfort and performance is profound.

Ergonomic Stirrup Bar

The design registered stirrup bar removes at least one thickness of leather from under your thigh, ensuring even closer contact and maximising your comfort. The unique shaping offers secure attachment of your stirrup leather, while enabling the leather to come free if required during a fall. Featuring a recessed channel to the stirrup keeper, further eliminating interference with your leg for a closer feel of your pony and increased comfort.

Performance Panel

Bates saddles feature a generous panel, designed to ensure a large ‘footprint’ on your pony’s back, maximising the weight bearing surface of the saddle and resulting in a reduction in pressure and increased comfort for your pony. Coupled with a wide and even chamber, the performance panels support your pony’s working muscles and maximise movement in their shoulder area

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