Bates Advanta Jumping Saddle

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Bates Advanta Jumping and Eventing Saddle

Unlock your ADVANTAge in terms of performance for the ultimate competitive advantage. The Bates Advanta saddle is the closest contact jump saddle ever created, with its design allowing for perfect connection between you and your horse.


In order to provide an ultra-sensitive feel between you and your horse, the new Bates ADVANTA saddle is designed to disappear, bringing your horse into close focus. Concentrate on your reflexes, as patented FlexiContourbloc technology, combined with a SweetSpot in the ultimate jump seat, provides effortless rider balance, ensuring that you are poised for take-off and ready for the unexpected. Unrivalled connection between you and your horse is made possible by a forward-cut mono flap, and the Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar allows you to customise your position for perfect natural alignment.


Bates Jump Saddles provide the ultimate close contact and balanced position for the rider, while also providing a significant competitive advantage for the horse. In show jumping, the design of the saddle has a significant impact on the horse's ability to perform. Jumping saddles have traditionally been designed with the rider's position in mind, with NO compromise on a stable, supportive, and optimal fit for the horse's back. In addition to being lightweight and compact, the ultra-close Bates Advanta monoflap Saddle provides your horse with complete comfort and freedom in every stride, giving you and your horse an advantage over the competition. You and your horse will love and can rely on the Bates Advanta Jump Saddle to be your ultimate secret weapon when every second counts and you are propelled solely by your instincts.


Adjustable Flexibloc System

Customise the support offered for your individual riding position. Offers great flexibility for altering the support offered by the saddle, dependent on usage.

 Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar

The position of your stirrup bar has a profound impact on your natural alignment in the saddle. Unique shaping reduces any bulk under your leg. Customise the location of your stirrup bar for precision performance.


Complement your saddle with elegant, high quality Bates Stirrup Leathers in Luxe Leather. The riveted buckle design reduces the thickness of the leather under your leg and the webbing core ensures the leathers will not stretch and cause unevenness.

Simply the perfect riding surface with its luxurious and tactile grip in a mono flap you are closest to your horse. When it comes to leather there isn’t any finer!

Completely Adjustable

  Features the CAIR and Easy Change Gullet System which allows you to select the optimal tree width for your horse's current shape and muscling.  

The Advanta comes with a Medium gullet as standard, other gullet sizes are available for purchase separately. 

Colour Options

Colour: Black or Havana Brown


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