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Syd Hill Synthetic Half breed Saddle


Five generations of saddle-making expertise are combined with cutting-edge materials and techniques.


Syd Hill is one of Australia's best-known and longest-running saddle-making family. Syd Hill was making saddles when RM Williams was stitching boots and moleskins.


Syd Hill blends five generations of saddle-making expertise with the most up-to-date materials and methods.


They are still one of the top saddle producers in the world, and one of the most well-known Australian brands when it comes to quality saddlery and horse equipment.




The half-breed saddle combines the finest of modern balanced riding methods with the convenience of a western-style seat.


The half breed saddle is a modern development on traditional saddle types that delivers a highly comfortable, stable, and safe riding.


The rider is seated in a 'balanced' seat, with the shoulder, hips, and ankles in a straight line. This more comfortable and balanced seat allows the rider to be more fully balanced, use the seat and legs more efficiently, and adjust to changes in the horse with greater precision and feel.


They combine the balance, feel, and precision of a dressage saddle with the comfort and security of a western saddle seat and stock saddle thigh pads.


Many riders are switching to this sort of seat these days since it increases their comfort, performance, and security.


This type is composed of a high-quality synthetic material that is lightweight and easy to maintain. This style is not adjustable, but it is ideal for horses with a wider fit, such as quarter horses.

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