Santa Cruz Dressage Saddle - 'Malmo' 17" Black

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Santa Cruz Dressage Saddle - 'Malmo'


About The Santa Cruz Brand

Those who belong to the fascinating equestrian world know the importance of words like ‘tradition’, ‘elegance’, ‘technology’ and ‘quality’.

This is what we want our Santa Cruz products to reflect when reaching out to customers. To obtain this, we combine artisan techniques and technology with the best raw materials; resulting in extraordinary quality final products.

We are proud to say that the Santa Cruz brand exports to over 30 countries worldwide, distributing products throughout the most renowned firms in the industry. Aussie Saddlery is proud to be the first in Australia to offer you the Santa Cruz brand. In the Santa Cruz latest models, you will appreciate the quality and finishing details of our saddles and accessories which reflect the pride of our people in the products we make. When buying Santa Cruz, you are know you are buying perfection in all its glory.



So why is the Santa Cruz saddle the latest and greatest to come on the market here.



Santa Cruz Saddles offer the latest in adjustable fit for all types of horses allowing your saddle to be custom fitted to your horse by the millimetre. The Santa Cruz saddles are based on a Gen Tec adjustable tree that is easy to change by you or your saddlery. No other saddle on the market offers you as close as fit as the Santa Cruz can. The Santa Cruz saddle offers cutting edge technology at a reasonable price.

The Santa Cruz Gen Tec system offers you;

  • The only adjustable gullet system that locks in place.
  • Allows a single saddle to custom fit all your horses, safely and dependably.
  • Perfect for those who ride several horses or have growing and changing horses.
  • Adjusts from the narrowest point to widest point and width in-between millimetre by millimetre.
  • The Gen Tec adjustable system is backed by a 10 year guarantee.
  • Adjustments are made quickly and easily in three steps.
  • Adjusts to the full width you need, not only just full gullet sizes.
  • Tools are included with every saddle sold.
  • US and Foreign Patents pending.
  • Instructional DVD included with every saddle.
  • Available in multiple models, sizes and colours ordered from Aussie Saddlery (02)43 538205.

Take a look at this YouTube video and see how easy it is to adjust the Santa Cruz saddle.

About the Gentc System- Detailed Analysis

  • Instructional DVD included with every saddle.
  • Available in multiple models, sizes and colours ordered from Aussie Saddlery (02)43 538205.

Take a look at this YouTube video and see how easy it is to adjust the Santa Cruz saddle.

About the Gentc System- Detailed Analysis


Strength and Durability Evaluation of Intec’s Genesis Saddletree

Report #: R2010-074

Work Conducted for: Intec Corporation

21 Industrial Drive

Cliffwood Beach, NJ, 07735

Phone: 1-888-468-3250

Work Conducted by: Tim Bayne, Biokinetics and Associates Ltd.

Objective: Intec Corporation manufactures an adjustable saddletree (actual

product tested was the Genesis Adjustable Tree) and Biokinetics was contracted

to subject the saddletree to a controlled spreading force to evaluate the durability

and strength of the adjustable mechanism.

Test Method: An electro-mechanical press with two horizontal platens was used

to apply a controlled load to the saddletree.

The saddletree’s full range of motion was recorded to be 104fully open and 66

fully closed. The middle point was calculated to be 85; this is the saddletree

angle that was used for testing.

The saddletree was supported on the underside with a steel cylinder having an

outside diameter of 160 mm (6.29 inch) and a length of 90 mm (3.54 inch) and

was loaded on the top by the moving horizontal platen, a picture of this setup is

seen below.

The saddletree was placed axially along the cylinder such that it was fully

supported by the cylinder.

The electro-mechanical press was programmed to load the saddletree at a

loading rate of 1 mm/minute (.0394 inch/minute) to a maximum load of 7500 N

(1686 lbf).

The test sample was to be loaded to failure or until maximum load was attained.

Results: The saddletree was tested to the full load of 7500 N (1686 lbf) and

appeared to have not suffered any permanent deformation. The adjustable

mechanism continued to function as it did before the test was conducted. A

deflection of 5.5 mm (0.217 inch) was recorded when the peak load was achieved.

A force vs. displacement graph is shown below for the tested saddletree.

Pictures and graphs are detailed in the PDF below.



About the Santa Cruz Saddle Panels

The Santa Cruz saddle has the new Soft Touch Panel system (STP) inside every one of our saddles. The new Soft Touch Panels are made with pure soft latex rubber and wool flocking. The bottom layer of latex allows the panels to mould to the horses back. This creates a more comfortable, better fitting saddle for your horse.

  • No lumps
  • No bumps
  • No hotspots



About the Leather

As we all know, leather is a natural material. And sometimes even the finest hides have small imperfections such as veins, scars and insect bites. At Santa Cruz, the hides are carefully selected and only the most ideal cut of leather is chosen for the saddles. Each hide is inspected and assessed for any imperfections to ensure your saddle has a flawless finish. You will notice that the Santa Cruz saddles are much softer than your everyday brand new saddle. This is because many of the models have a ‘wet’ finish where the leather is pre-oiled. The softness of the leather also reflects the quality of the saddle you are buying. And there is no question that when you are buying Santa Cruz, you are only buying quality.

     Picture Black Leather Colour




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