Rapigel 200g

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Rapigel 200g

Rapigel - Purpose

Rapigel is a muscle and joint relieving gel. Analgesic & counter irritant, with a "cooling effect". Useful for skin soreness, joint pain, muscular soreness and stiffness, bruising.

Active Constituents Menthol, Camphor and Iso-propyl Alcohol in a gel base.  

Directions For Use Rapigel should be rubbed into affected area at full strength before and after work out. The effect can be intensified or prolonged by using under wet or dry bandages, which is an easy and effective treatment method to provide quicker and prolonged results.  Can be used at before or after workout. Use beforehand as an aid in preventing joint and muscle pain and afterward to relieve aches and pains.  Use when there are signs of pain or inflammation, or swelling of joints.

How does Rapigel work? Rapigel contains an analgesic to provide relief from joint and muscle soreness. When Rapigel is applied it should be rubbed onto the affected area vigorously to complement the heating effect of the product. Rapigel also provides a "counter irritant" and "cooling effect" to improve circulation.

Do you need to use Rapigel with other treatments? Rapigel does not need to be used with other preparations to alleviate muscle and joint soreness. It is very effective on its own and can be used on an ongoing basis. If the condition persists or shows no improvement, you should consult a Veterinarian. The problem may be something more serious.

Can Rapigel be used on wounds? No, it is designed as a relieving gel for soreness, pain and even bruising. However, it should not be applied to open wounds. If an animal has an open wound or cut, products such as Septicide, Dermal Spray or Dermal Ointment would be more appropriate.


Is Rapigel affected by heat? Rapigel’s no-mess stable gel formulation is temperature stable. It does not become runnier as temperatures increase, nor does it become harder as temperatures decrease.

Can Rapigel be used to deal with joint swelling? Yes, if there are no cuts or lacerations, apply rapigel to the affected joint and then cold hose the joint for 5-10 minutes. Repeat this twice daily and rest the animal.



Precautions: Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes.  Wash hands prior to eating.


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