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Bucas Riding Rug

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Product Overview

The Bucas Riding Rug is the ideal durable all-weather exercise rug, perfect for riding out in cold or dark days as the tail and rear have reflective strips. The rug also comes with tough rip stop outer, waterproof and breathable coating, anti-bacterial Stay-dry lining. The Stay-dry lining will help wick away any moisture on the horses skin and the anti-bacterial properties help keep the horses skin in good condition by preventing the spread of any bacterial skin conditions and keeps the rug fresh.

Easily detachable during riding using a hook and loop attachment system.

  • Waterproof & Breathable
  • Rip-stop outer
  • Reflective Strips on rear & tail flap
  • Stay-dry & Anti-bacterial lining
  • Tail flap
  • Fillet string


The rug may be fitted either under or over the saddle flaps

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