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Product Overview

BARE Equestrian ECOLUXE is a new product from BARE Equestrian. Equestrians' attire is being revolutionised...
Every year, over 1 million bottles are purchased every minute around the world, with 80% of them ending up in landfills. Plastic trash has a destructive effect on our environment.
BARE ECOLUXE was created as a result of our passion for doing our part to preserve our beloved planet and its ecosystems.

Our ECOLUXE collection is created entirely of recycled materials, largely from the dreaded plastic bottle. The plastic bottle has been transformed into something stylish that you may ride in every day.

We should all make decisions for a greener future, and now you can shop for your favourite riding apparel guilt-free. You are choosing a brighter future for our world when you pick ECOLUXE, and we thank you for that! 
What to anticipate from the ECOLUXE collection
We'll have a comprehensive line of ECO-friendly human and horse clothing available shortly! The quality, fit, and feel of the textiles we've created will astound you. It's all you'd expect from BARE, and then some.

T-shirts, tanks, socks, and SADDLE PADS are part of our first collection. Yes, you read it correctly: we are the FIRST equestrian company in the world to design this product specifically for you! We are ecstatic to show you this. Sometimes all it takes to be innovative is to think outside the box...

What is the mechanism behind it?

It's almost as if it's MAGIC. Our proprietary BARE technical performance textiles are made from recycled plastic bottles that are broken into small flakes, pulverised into pellets, melted and spun into fibre, and finally knitted. Never before have plastic bottles looked so beautiful!